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NSA Undermining All Computers Everywhere

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The new crisis in trustworthy hard drives is one of the greatest threats to technology. It appears that the complacency or conspiracy of including Samsung, Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor, Toshiba and Hitachi manufacturers of hard drives is just outrageous. The only way to clean this up is to simply refuse to buy any computer with a drive of those manufacturers. Someone has to FORCE these companies to choose between doing business or being a dog on a leash.

Infecting the firmware is outrageous and uncovering this giant gap in security means that hackers will now start to look how to access that and there goes all your credit card, banking info, and identity. Any politicians who supports the NSA in such a venture should be voted out of office. These people are sending us back to stone age and pigeon post.

The is a huge opportunity now for someone to step up and offer SSD drives certified to be secure with no hidden firmware.