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NSA – Tapping into Networks Even When Not Connected to Internet

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The NSA has been able to hack into virtually any network even when it is not connected to the internet. This technology has been on the drawing board for more than a decade. It is one reason why you have to prevent even USB sticks from coming in and out as well as you must shield your computer room from radio waves. The security these days is really off the charts. The NY Times has reported the extent of the NSA that has infiltrated about 100,000 networks and this really has nothing to do with terrorism whatsoever. There is nothing they do not want these days as the hunt for loose change is now worldwide.

It is essential to comprehend just how far this has gone. We are far beyond privacy rights. This is rendering the world economy effectively inoperative. As capital is hunted down like a mad dog, this is shrinking velocity and endangering society while destroying the economic future of the young generation.