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NSA Tapping All Phone Calls Worldwide – Hello Stasi! Can you Hear Me Now?

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Stasi East Germany

NSA has now been caught tapping all phone calls in Spain. According to BBC, they monitor 60 million Spanish phone calls per month. On top of that, it has also been revealed that Japan rejected the NSA tapping into the Asian-Pacific cables. These people are taking absolutely every phone call in the entire world. To listen to Obama’s bullshit that they were not listening to every call taken from Verizon, who believes this stuff other than a mindless drones from the Democratic Party. If it were Bush, likewise the counter-part mindless drones from the Republican Party would have defended him as well. It is a sad day when far too many people support whatever a given party does against the constitution and the best interests of freedom.

Berlin Wall

I went behind the Berlin Wall before it fell to visit a friend’s family who had been trapped there. Whenever someone was near us, she would brag about how good the government was. As soon as nobody was near, she would curse those in government as horrible vindictive people. Looks like history repeats.