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NSA Saves the NY Stock Exchange – Everyone Rejoice!

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National Security Agency (NSA) in defense of its surveillance programs seizing every phone call and email in the nation claims that it helped disrupt plots to bomb the New York Stock Exchange and the New York subway system, according to an FBI official told Congress on Tuesday. However, this does not seem to be creditable because the Boston Bombers communicated with cell phones in an unsophisticated manner. So why did they miss that one? The real object of the NSA surveillance is to have a file on every American to hunt money – not terrorists. The more terror attacks the better for them because they are always handed more power. 

If you are standing at the bottom of a hill in San Francisco and a man comes up with his hand out and says he just saved your life asking for a tip, what do you do? He then explains at the top of the hill a car started to roll and it surely would have kill you. But he saved the day, jumped in the car and put on the brake. So what was it worth to you? Would you believe him? Where is the proof?

If there was a plot to blow up the NYSE, surely they would have arrested someone for that is CONSPIRACY that does not require the completion of the act. The people involved would be in jail for life. So how did the NSA save the day yet nobody is put on trial to prove anything took place. Is this the con-job with the bum swearing he just saved your life? Come on! Nothing better than that? But the press will cheer the NSA and suggest we walk around all naked and then nothing could be concealed and that would have prevented the Boston Bombers. And then when the next attack takes place, the next thing they will ask for and the press with second is we all have chips implanted in our ass so anyone without one must be a terrorist.