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NSA is Really After Money

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If anyone believes whatever the government or politicians say is the truth, then you have your head in the sand. Edward Snowden has revealed what the NSA has really been up to. They have access to the SWIFT system of all bank transfers. They are monitoring all money movements everywhere.

Anyone who truly believes these people care about protecting the Constitution or the interests of the American people just willfully blind. This will have a MAJOR economic impact and contraction for the global economy. They are supporting the very terrorists against Syria all for a pipeline. They will use the terrorists just as anyone else whenever their interests are aligned.

The NSA has been monitoring all banks accounts in Europe with access to the SWIFT system. They can block countries as they did with the Vatican and Iran. No money can be transferred via international settlements. They are preparing for the greatest hunt of all time – the confiscation of wealth to sustain government like we have never known before. From the Snowden documents, what has emerged now is revealed by the Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten that the NSA has hacked into the system for processing international transactions. EU lawmakers are now calling for the data exchange with the United States should be placed on temporary hold.