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NSA Intercepts Everything – Even Computer Deliveries

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The NSA has now been further exposed by a German Der Spiegel Magazine putting forth that they intercept computers and have hacked everything imaginable. I have come out and warned about Windows 8 and took deliberate moves to remove it from all our computers. Any new computer we buy is stripped clean. When you create software that reports back to mother regularly, you introduce security risks. The NSA has one of the most elite hacking units around, Tailored Access Operations, known as TSO.

When you create a means for Microsoft to track what programs you are loading into your computer, that allows the NSA to peek as well. You cannot close that down.  My concern is not terrorism. That is so over played it is absurd. My concern is the financial snooping to see if you might have money or valuables the government might need. This is the very sane thing that sparked the American Revolution – Writs of General Assistance that allows the King’s agents to just snoop at whatever you had in your house.

What the NSA has done is precisely the same actions of the former king. There is NOTHING that is private and they have turned privacy into suspicion.