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NSA Collects Word for Word According to PBS

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Certainly one of the more reputable news organizations has published the fact that the NSA is collecting word for word of all domestic communications – PBS. Anyone who thinks this is just about terrorism will have another thing coming. This info is being shared to hunt down money on a grand scale. This is all about the financial crisis and this is how ALL governments have collapsed – sheer economic implosion as they turn against their own people. As I have said before. You will pray for the hyperinflation where government simply prints and does not try to confiscate assets. That has just never been the case in developed nations where assets exist. Hyperinflation is associated with governments that are typically new and revolutionary where hard assets are hoarded and not present in banks and there is not debt market for nobody will lend to them. We are not at that stage at this time. We first have to see confidence collapse and the bond market implode with nobody buying. But where does ca[ital then go since there is no alternative? The future is just not going to be such a easy way out.