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Notice to Attempted Breakin

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Dog chasing Rhino

Everyday now it appears that someone from the USA has a full time job trying to breakin to this site. They are bouncing IPs around the world desperately trying to change the content on this site. We believe it’s origin is the firms in NYC. This has also taken the form of a physical breakin in Europe. Obviously the truth hurts. Let me make this very clear – it matters not how many judges and politicians you own. You will NOT restore your power to its peak. Your days are numbered.

You want to pretend to be a trader – trade & stop trying to rig the game! You could have spent a few hundred million on REAL research instead of bribing officials. Sometimes the challenge is more rewarding than the victory. A man’s worth is NOT measured by his wealth – but by his accomplishments. Unless you are not a man and just a street hooker for sale to the highest bidder. You are destroying the world economy. You do not shit where you eat. Your mother never told you that one I suppose.