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Not the Father

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I greatly appreciate the complements calling me the father of analysis or variations on that theme. I am not the father of analysis any more than I manipulated the entire world economy as argued by the CFTC. I stand upon the shoulders of those who went before me. I will have a book finished shortly on the Geometry of Time where I go through the evolution of analysis and who has truly contributed what over the course of years.

Yes I originated capital flow analysis, but I did not invent cyclical analysis nor technical analysis. I believe as in physics that we build upon the work of those who went before and never pretend that what you read of someone else’s work is yours. That will always be revealed in the end. In real science, you always recognize the work upon which you build and attribute to them what was theirs. There is nothing lower in life than a thief who steals the work of others. Credibility comes with acknowledging the contributions of all.


When it comes to acquiring knowledge, it does not fall from the sky. Knowledge is an accumulative process. We have figured out over the centuries through the trial and error of others. Here is a picture of the Amanita-Poisonous-Mushroom. Eat this and you die. How do we know that? Someone had to die for that piece of knowledge. It is impossible that you look at this and say – gee that will kill you I think. Knowledge is the child of experience. Those who have sat in their room and pretend to know how the world functions are frauds, idiots, or fools. What I have come to learn was forced upon me by my clients who opened my eyes. It has only been my running around the world that enabled me to see how capital flows. Otherwise, you cannot grasp what you cannot see.

I try to combine my talent for programming and trading to create things that eliminate human emotion. I have learned through trading experience that we are our own worst enemy – no one else.

So thanks for the complements, but let’s keep this real. I have contributed to the field, but I stand upon the shoulder of those who went before me – including my old friend, Milton Friedman.

Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed Al-Thani of Qatar,


For those who have sent their condolences for the death of my friend Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed Al-Thani of Qatar, thank you very much. He was a very kind and good person. We shared the passion of collecting.

Because I have focused upon forecasting the world, I have come to meet some of the most amazing people around the world. Ultimately, everyone wanted to know what Socrates was saying now.