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North Korea – Cycles of War

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Even Castro came out warning the 30 year old rash leader of North Korea against war. We tend to judge people by ourselves and assume since war is illogical that everyone else would see the same thing. That is VERY far from the truth. It is not our rational thought process that matters, it is always the other person.

I have been warning that China and Russia are very different. China is rising to rule the world from an economic perspective and that has fueled its national pride. Russia, on the other hand, lost its empire where China did not lose territory. Russia is still in the macho empire mode and we would be ill-advised to assume Russia would do nothing because we have no such hidden agenda. Beware of the silent type. Speak softly but carry a big stick as Teddy Roosevelt use to say. Russia is the greater danger and Europe has weakened its economy so they have no real power to defend. North Korea is grabbing the attention, but do not turn your back on Russia.

We will be updating the Cycle of War. Obviously, it is time once again. Especially since that model also hit to the day 3 times in a row.