North Korea & Russia Joining Forces?

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The barbarians knew when to invade Rome because it had weakened its own economy. The real risk to Europe and the USA is the Sovereign Debt Crisis. Russia can smell the blood. Europe has slit its own throat with this Euro nonsense and the stress is becoming visible along the borders. If there was ever a time for invasion was ripe, hold on to your seats, it is rapidly approaching.This is a fake British note printed by the Nazi government. Historically, one counterfeited the currency of theĀ oppositionĀ toĀ underminedĀ its ability to wage war. The West has done this to themselves.

Putin has moved troops atĀ the same time theĀ North Korean is threatening theĀ U.S. and it began to move itsĀ missilesĀ today. After flying inĀ from theĀ BRICS summit inĀ Durban, South Africa, Putin ordered theĀ deployment personally. We have to stop this insane debt spiral. It is threatening everything.

The Moscow Times