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No Indication of Postponement Yet

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brazil_riots 2013


Brazil Demonstrations

There is a possibility of a postponement for the Phase Transition (doubling in value) in the US share market into 2025. A postponement could be caused by war. Otherwise, that issue aside, everything is still lined up in that direction. We have the capital flows pouring out of India, Brazil, and it is even starting in China. There is some debate that the economic numbers out of China are overstated regarding economic growth. We even are seeing capital leave Japan. The environmental disaster with the Fukushima’s reactor there is far worse than initially reported. There are now private projects to produce energy from solar and wind and that the government is entering into contracts.

Meanwhile, the greatest concern is we end up with military action by the USA to distract the people from the economic crisis. They see the turmoil in Europe and this is what Homeland Security has been preparing for domestic civil unrest. Obama has been doing his best to strip citizens of all arms and he has been buying up ammunition everywhere. They lied to begin Vietnam, Iraq, and every piece of evidence suggest that the Japanese tried to deliver a declaration of war to the White House and were turned away. Even 911 seems as though they allowed that to take place so they could use it as cover to eliminate the evidence that $2.3 trillion was unaccounted for in the Defense budget that Rumsfeld one day before acknowledged and said he would launch an investigation. WTC7 was hit by nothing yet collapsed straight down into dust destroying decades of evidence seized from us that would have exposed all the corrupt market manipulations by the NY Bankers. Who knows what else was there.

Free Syrian Army soldiers in Idlib

Now we have US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel stating publicly that President Obama has asked the military to “prepare options for all contingencies” as the Syrian crisis appears to escalate on trumped up claims that the government used chemical weapons right in front of UN inspectors when it was not necessary since the army had the upper hand. Syria has come out and warned against foreign involvement in conflict and Russia is coming out on the side of Syria. In Egypt we support the overthrown of the religious extremists yet is Syria we see to support the extremists. Whoever support our secret agenda is always the good guy regardless of the politics.

It certainly appears that the powers in Washington need a war to hold on to power. They appear to be setting the stage for that with great speed. There is nothing that they ever do that is honest or can be trusted. Now we are to invade helping the religious fanatics they call terrorists one day and freedom fighters the next. These people beheaded a priest cutting off his head with a knife.Who knows really where the truth lies any more. But there is nothing like a good war to get people to forget their unfunded pensions might have to be given up for God, Country, and lying politicians.