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Nigel Farage – Today May 8th Fate of Europe

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Nigel Farage is spot on. This was forwarded to us today. It was his recap of the truth about the Euro. This is very much part of the dollar rally. There becomes little choice. Some have asked:

  • 1)      I understand your argument regarding currency and agree with you on the dollar.  I understand why that would make the Dow go up.  Would European stocks go up as the euro collapses (much like what is happening in Japan now)?
  • 2)      When do you expect an equity bear market to begin (if ever)?

The Dow is being forced higher as capital has little choice. Then there is the shift from public to private. Europe will generally rise with the declining Euro just as the Nikkei. That is a different aspect. Everything has an international value. Thus, the shares will try to stay even in those terms meanings they will rise with the decline in the Euro. The bear market we are running our models on. In a preliminary view, we may be looking at an explosive rally into 2015.75.

Listen to Nigel. He is one of the FEW in government who has a head on his shoulders.