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New York votes for New Mayor Who is in a landslide Against Bloomberg

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New York votes for a new Democrat Mayor, Bill de Blasio who seems poised for landslide victory. Mr de Blasio has run against everything Bloomberg has stood for and gained tremendous popularity by standing up against Bloomberg’s unconstitutional Stop-and-Frisk policy where police can search anyone at anytime on a whim. Only someone like Bloomberg could possibly stand for such a practice.

Bill de Blasio’s new campaign ad promotes in your face class and race warfare. He calls for “taxing the wealthy” to provide welfare recipients with more section 8 housing and free daycare. He claims the NYPD is unfairly targeting “people of color.” The ad also explicitly draws attention to fact that de Blasio has bi-racial children.


This is a new era in politics, but it is demonstrating that in 2014, there will be a tremendous risk that the Republicans will lose the House and we are about to see massive tax increases coming from the Democrats on every front. You will always find the pendulum swings to the extreme in one direction before it can swing back. So 2016 Presidential election will come with the economy turning down again and people will be blaming the Democrats who think they can always raise taxes. This will be the stage upon which a rise in Third Party activity becomes possible.

In Computer Hacking parlance, we are facing a Zero-Day political attack on the system meaning we are looking at a possible political meltdown before the press and politicians can figure out the entire system has massive vulnerability.