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New World Order – Collapsing Economy

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New World Order

QUESTION: You do not believe in the New Work Order and the bankers orchestrating the collapse of the economy?


ANSWER: Sorry no. The banks are in serious retreat. They have been caught manipulating various markets for short-term gains. They have to abandon commodity trading and Morgan Stanley just sold the energy trading to Russia. The IDEA of a New World Order was the driving force behind the Euro. The theory was to create just one government and you will end war. This theory has been proven to be unsound. The union of Europe is being torn apart at the seams. France is insane and wants to tax everything from YouTube to all electronics now.

Kondratieff-2The ONLY way to create a New World Order will be by force (war) but more likely in the aftermath of war. I do not see governments worldwide surrendering their sovereignty. All they have to do is look at Europe. Rockefeller is dead and his words were of an era when they believed socialism/communism would create the perfect world. I do agree, it will take the right crisis to launch such an idea but they killed Kondratieff for saying that the business cycle would destroy communism as well. No such system will ever last forever. It does not matter the design. No system lasts eternally – not even ours. It is always just a question of TIME. There is a time and place for everything and change is one of them.

Are there people who would like to collapse the economy (capitalism) to create a New World Order of Socialism? Yes. Are they capable of pulling that off? No. That is not the issue. The economy IS collapsing from socialism on its own. They, of course, talk about the rich and the top 1% to justify their communistic agenda. That is who they will blame when the culprit is the masses. We cannot keep a Ponzi scheme going between generations and raising taxes on everything that moves. Rome destroyed itself in that same precise manner – unfunded pensions..


What Lenin preached sounded wonderful to the person who thought the rich would be stripped of their wealth and it would all fall to their pockets. When you take a million dollars and give $1 each to a million people you do not create very much.

This is the origin of the New World Order. A world free of war and the land of Utopia. Sorry. It is impossible as Communism proved.

Any New World Order would be an agenda after war. I do not see politicians voluntarily surrendering their power to someone else at this time. They do not need some sinister group to orchestrate the collapse of the economy. Politicians screwed that up ensuring its demise without intentionally adopting such a scheme.

The tree has been already cut. The question is which direction will it fall. I try to stay active in hopes that perhaps with all the people I know, just may be I can push it in the direction of freedom and away from any socialistic state if that is what people call the New World Order. There will be a time for choice.