New World Order

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Some people seem to think there is a serious plan to create a New World Order with a single government. You cannot even get Congress to agree no less the European Union. Yes, the theory was to unite Europe and that would eliminate future war. In reality, it shows a single entity is impossible and the new union will increase the chances of war. The idea was simply that if there was one government there would be no war. That is an absurd theory and Europe is proving how that idea will not work. Will someone TRY? They would like to. Yes there are the Biblical prophecy but even that does not same the entire world. In order for that to actually unfold, it seems such an opportunity would come ONLY after war. There is unlikely to be a movement where politicians voluntarily surrender power.

We cannot confuse lofty goals with practical human capability. A one world government and one world currency is impractical for you will never get people to ever agree. Replacing the dollar with a single world reserve currency – yes. But a currency used at the local store worldwide – no way. Only war could set up such a scenario. That is economic power and sovereignty no politician will surrender without a fight.

The collapse the economy is coming all by itself because they CANNOT stop it without reducing power and that will not happen. Some say there the evidence is overwhelming citing, Rockefeller, Soros, among others. Do they wish to END capitalism? No – they just want to control it even more and pretend there is still freedom. Collapsing the existing system of capitalism is raising taxes and over-regulating everything, i.e. Obamacare..


No government will accept a one world government. Just look at the rise in the social unrest and finger-pointing already in Europe. What people would LIKE to create is one thing. Are they CAPABLE of creating a New World Order – no way. You cannot get people to agree on this subject alone no less everyone agree to one state. Don’t worry. The civil unrest will ensure there will not be a New World Order. If you think they are INTENTIONALLY collapsing the economy, sorry. They are too stupid to even see anything they do causes a problem. The problem is always the people – never them. Just look at the irrational decision of Hollande in France and the IMF. They are outright ignorant and power drunk. They think people will leave their money in the bank so they can just take it? They know nothing of human nature.

There would have to be a war to totally devastate the political structure. I really do not see politicians voluntarily giving up any power ever.