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New Global Market Watch Up and Running

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The New Global Market Watch is up. You can click on the link below and then click of any individual market in the GMW page. This will take you to the second level for a more detailed look at that market. While this is not perfect, it is purely a pattern recognition model that will then by fed into the next level of analysis. This is a cognitive learning machine. Therefore, of new patterns emerge that produce different results, it will note those changes and build upon that experience and adapt to it for the future. In this manner, it is truly a cognitive learning machine that improves with time.

You will have to register for this site. However, we do NOT sell any names to anyone. We will not bombard you with spam. We respect your privacy at all times.

New Global Market Watch

The next step will be to add the third level where you will be able to obtain the computer written report on that market with charts and new Forecasting Arrays that are expanded showing three versions of volatility Overnight – Intraday – Close-to-close. This will enable you to ascertain how the market will move for each day and what to expect.

The fourth level to be added will be the MAP where the computer plots out the resistance and support levels in each market so you can see the gaps where big sharp moves will take place. This will also provide the Reversal that are projected above or below a market where there has never been price action. This is essential to be able to project major highs. This was the model that projected the highs in 1987 as well as the Nikkei in 1989 not to forget gold and silver into 1980.

The fifth level will be the Global Correlation Models. This is where the computer will then project the resistance, support, buy and sell signals for each market expressed in various currencies. Then, we filter this through our global cyclical models to provide the real turning points that are impacted by capital flows internationally.

The sixth level brings in the Asset ALLOCATION Models where that market fits within the individual asset class and the projection for that instrument to be bought or sold.