New Evidence Surfacing US Assassinated General Patton

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Patton George (1885-1945)

New evidence is surfacing that General George Patton was assassinated by the US government to shut him up for Patton’s position was clairvoyant to say the least that the Germans were not our enemy, it would be Communist Russia.

MAARMY-1  Everyone knows my father was with Patton all the way from North Africa to Berlin. He would tell me stories how Patton believed he had been reincarnated and sent back to win that war, for he had been a general in many lifetimes before. That was his role in the universe so to speak.

So his position that Russia would emerge as the great enemy not Germany was interesting. He wanted to go to Moscow right then and there. It would have been a different world if Patton had eliminated Communism by force back in 1945.