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My Long-Term Goals

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Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: The cycles are real and impressive, but very hard to calculate without you telling us the dates/time frames. Therefore, if something ever happened to you I don’t know what I would do. I will have the understanding that these cycles exist, but ultimately will have to fall back on the technicals (Reversal days, resistance/support, trendlines, stop placements, etc). Do you agree? This is great for now while you are feeding us all the info, but how do I really learn to calculate these cycles? I am sure my last question is way to much info to share. I only ask the question to prove my point.   You have taught me to trade without a bias, and I appreciate that lesson the most.


ANSWER: I greatly appreciate that I am mortal. It was Milton Friedman who convinced me what I was doing was even important. From my perspective, I was simply a trader. I have been working very hard to instill into my computer the ability to articulate what I have learned from it. It has been my greatest teacher. I am only human born with only a curiosity to learn and to try to figure out what makes the world tick.

I appreciate what the computer has done by me simply creating a cognitive learning machine and not prejudicing it with my assumptions. For this reason, I am trying hard to get it up and functioning. Then I suppose it will be best to go public and that way it can belong to everyone and continue when I am gone. While someone is living, there is way too much jealousy of another’s accomplishments. They are far too often only respected after they are gone. I assume that will be attached to this computer. I am just so tired of people trying to rob code and scheme deals all intent on making them rich at the price of society. So I have been protective only to prevent that outcome. What I have learned from this computer hopefully others will see only when I am gone and the personal animosity comes to an end.

So that is my long-term goal. 

All the best and Happy New Year to All