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Money is only a Medium of Exchange & Wealth = Productivity

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong: You said, “The difference between gold and other investments such as real estate and stocks lies in its MOVABILITY.”

No.  The most significant difference is that gold is a better choice for money than other investments.



REPLY: Gold is not money – sorry! Money began as cattle and then bronze and gold was NEVER money in Asia – that too was bronze. Gold was money in Turkey for that is where it was abundant. Egypt used grain. The Greeks used silver and the Roman used bronze.

MONEY is nothing more than the agreed upon medium of exchange. If gold was money then why has it not risen since 1980? That is a long time to wait for a theory.

The Wealth of a Nation is the total productivity of its people just as the sovereignty of a nation is the people – not the government and that is why Snowden cannot be a traitor.

GOLD is not money. Get over it. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing that is a store of value that is constant – everything fluctuates against everything else. So your concept that something is a store of value is DEAD WRONG. Gold declined for 19 year and no one will address that. The idea you express is pure communism because you do not understand cycles so you want them eliminated.

Gold is a hedge against government – PERIOD. Rhetoric is just sophistry – where is the evidence? In a Dark Age, not even gold has value – only food. You return back to square one. This is a great sales pitch that has hurt a lot of people. Gold is a viable hedge – but understand its purpose and survive. Believe the rhetoric and you will lose your shirt. Everything rises and falls – nothing is constant forever. There is a time to buy gold and a time to sell. It rises and falls with everything else.