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Model Forecasts – We are Getting There

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Yearly 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Turning Point T T T T
Dir Change D
Panic Cycle
Pattern D U U U U D

The computer models will be accessible very soon in time for the craziness this fall. This is an example of a brief table showing turning points, directional changes, panic cycles, and pattern recognition. You can see the computer was looking for a decline (D) in 2013 for gold with a reversal in trend in 2014 moving back up (U).

Of course the gold supporters who hate my guts as always whenever gold declines will love me when it turns back up. They seem to think if you close your eyes, do not look at your statements, then there is no loss. I suppose they believe that if a tree falls in the forest there is obviously no sound if nobody was there to hear it.