Model Design – Hey Look at This!

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I believe reading between the lines, you discovered something incredibly important yet everyone looks at you in the wrong way as if this is all some theory you began with in the traditional manner. Things like random walk are theories to justify someone who could not discover anything so they created a theory to say why they failed. You seem to be the exact opposite. This is one giant extraordinary adventure for you. Is this correct?

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ANSWER: That is an insightful observation. Yes, you are correct. What I discovered is the incredible design structure, not my theory of how the world should work like Marx or Keynes. I am fascinated by how everything functions. How does the computer target this week as a Panic Cycle 3 months ago? Why did Congress cut a budget deal extending it on autopilot until September 30th, 2015 the precise day of the high of this wave 2015.75? How can the computer predict war accurately when I did not consciously try to do that? This is not me coming up with a theory. This is me stumbling upon something that has incredible order hidden deep within, which is fascinating.

I am the interpreter – not the protagonist. That is why the model is my protection and someone else’s death sentence. They need me and my experience with it for someone who stole it would be clueless where to even begin. I am working on modules so it can express these concepts to enable it to articulate what I have observed concerning its revelations of this amazing hidden order. So yes. My approach was that of Adam Smith, observe and try to ascertain how it functions rather than try to manipulate it into the manner I think it should function. Australia learned the hard way. They imported various animals to do certain things and discovered they altered the biological landscape because they had no natural predators. No matter how subtle the interference, every action we take sends shock-waves through the entire system. We cannot manipulate society and only when we realize that will we advance to the next level of the game. Government is messing with things they do not comprehend. Lower interest rates to help the banks and you destroy pension funds and the livelihood of retired people forcing the elderly back to work at places like McDonalds.



I suppose you have hit the nail on the head. This has been one giant adventure of discovery for me. It has kept me young because I constantly learn from it. The most subtle aspects you would typically overlook turn out to be definitive clues to its structural success of the overall design. I would not say, like Goldman Sachs, that I am doing God’s Work. Instead, I am trying to understand that work that is highly complex and a structural design built upon an intricate system of self-referral. Everything is replicating itself from one level of activity to the next higher generation just as you have children that are constructed from your DNA and they share your traits. It is why history repeats like a Shakespeare play enacted for centuries, only the actors changes. This is how the future is revealed and the more we change, the more we remain the same.



So I am the interpreter – not the inventor. This is not my THEORY, it is my OBSERVATION of the hidden structure upon which everything is built. It was not my hand that created this system. I am merely the one saying – hey – look at this!