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Millions expect to outlive retirement savings

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Obama is putting a huge effort to disarm Americans, yet he will not spend 1% of this effort to address the economy and honestly try to figure out what the hell is wrong. He is obsessed with always expanding the power of government. Remember how he stood before the nation and criticized Bush for GITMO? He has not closed that camp and the press will not even write about the issue including the NY Times. Nobody calls him out on a single thing. Why? What happened to our free press?

Here lies the seeds of the collapse in CONFIDENCE in Government. It is not the fear of hyperinflation, it is the fear of the FAILURE to be prepared for retirement. This is where the Marxists meet reality. Government is cutting everything and even Obama wants to cut Medicare. We are throwing the elderly under the bus – but he is concerned about mass shootings? The recent polls show the collapse on CONFIDENCE will be our undoing. This is what all the budget cuts are about – not printing relentlessly, but reneging on past promises