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Microsoft Monthly Close BELOW $26.40 Kiss of Death

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Microsoft-M 8-22-2013

The management at Microsoft may have yielded to the threats of the NSA, but the NSA is destroying the entire free economy and international viability of American commerce. The corrupt politicians like Dianne Fienstein are too stupid to grasp the ramifications of what they have done to the economy. You cannot rig everything so you get your tax dollars for what will happen is capital will hoard and we will see a dark age like that of Rome.

Microsoft could become the short of a life-term here. A monthly closing below $27.65 will shift this stock into a sell mode. A monthly closing BELOW $26.40 may prove to be the kiss of death. Eventually, a monthly closing BELOW $12.55 will warn that believe it or not, Microsoft could actually collapse and run into bankruptcy for cover.