Microsoft Chairman Resigning

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The notorious Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer will now “retire” within the next 12 months. This is interesting for it is a code word for get the hell out of here. The shares rallied almost 9 percent on hopes that someone new will change the course of the company. But Microsoft is going to need to show publicly that it is a real viable company instead of a NSA cronie. The infection of Microsoft goes beyond a CEO. The NSA is deeply embedded in the company. It is now the right time for a non-American firm to compete with Microsoft offering full security and no NSA infiltration. I would even be glad to join the board of such a company OUTSIDE the USA. The world needs to be free of government if it kills it.

Unless Microsoft publicly files something in court at least for show stating it will not provide access for the NSA any longer, there is no viable future for a company that cannot be trusted and even NASA has dumped its products because they are not safe. With Germany now warning its citizens about WINDOWS 8, that is the kiss of death. The NSA was also in bed with the Germans so this announcement is based upon real inside information that they too are not fully revealing. As long as you leave secret doors open for the NSA, hackers will also find those doors and use them. That is why NASA dumped windows.

Any new computer you get install Windows 7. Do not use WINDOWS 8 under any circumstances for anything on which you have personal financial information.