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Michigan’s Trojan Horse to Open the Door for Judges to Order People Be Implanted with Tracking Chips

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Whitmer Gretchen

I have a correction to make. Gretchen Esther Whitmer is a Democrat serving as the 49th governor of Michigan. When I first reported that a bill prohibiting employers from implanting chips into their employees, it did seem a bit strange that a Democrat would actually protect the people against this hidden agenda of Bill Gates and crew. With the help of a reader, after obtaining the actual legislation, this appears to be a clever Trojan Horse.

Download Legislation: Michigan 2020-HIB-5672

It is true that this legislation bans employers from implanting a tracking chip into employees. HOWEVER, she included an EXCEPTION!!!!!! If the employer gets a court order, then the employee must quit or accept being implanted by a chip to track them like a dog.

FT June 27 1998

I will have to put my faith in Socrates. It taught me how it predicts war and how empires, nations, and city-states collapse. That is when the CIA came in and wanted me to build a version of Socrates for them after it forecast the collapse of Russia. I declined, explaining it took me 17 years to build this system and I had better things to do. I offered to run any studies they wanted and that’s when it turned a bit nasty. I was told that they HAD TO OWN IT! I said no way.

TR02 0702000 NO ORDER

While the press assumed the contempt was to turn over assets, they NEVER produced any list of assets to be turned over. Instead, what they demanded was the source code which they kept out of the court documents. Any lawyer will tell you that legally you cannot be held in contempt without an order that specifies you do this and you will be released. After 7 years without any such order, I was released ONLY because I got into the Supreme Court. I was fully prepared to die for my beliefs for that to me was a far better alternative to living in the hell these people take such pleasure in creating as an exercise of their raw power. The leftists cannot sleep at night worrying that someone is doing something they do not approve of. They reject the Constitution and do not believe that we have any right to be free to pursue their own happiness for themselves or their family. They cannot stand that you have something they do not materialistically.

Hect Model Schiavoni Source Code 791x1024

Everything that appeared in the movie “The Forecaster” had to be confirmed as true by Llyods of London who insured the film against slander and libel. They cannot make movies without such insurance. Everything had to be documented right down to their off-the-record demand for the source code to Socrates.

So the bottom line is rather simple. I have learned that Socrates is able to forecast war for it is monitoring everything around the globe and it picks up subtle shifts and changes in the world economy. If someone is going to invade, they will move their capital and assets in advance so as not to lose themselves. I believe that Socrates has been picking up these subtle changes since the Repo Crisis began last August, which started the pressure for the collapse in the world Monetary System.

ECM 2015 2020 Detailed

Granted, they may have been using our forecasts to pick the timing when to crash the market with the ECM starting January 18, 2020, to get the biggest bang for their bucks. But they have accelerated the Paradigm Shift in shares/equities, which they did not understand, and was their first big mistake. Indeed, 2015.75 was as forecast — the peak in government confidence which was followed by Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.

I believe that Socrates will be the only way to see the trend because this is beyond normal trading patterns we have seen even since the Great Depression. What lies ahead is dark and sinister. That does not mean they will win. What Gretchen Whitmer has done is a Trojan Horse and it is part of their grand plan. They know SOCIALISM is collapsing for they have reached the limit of perpetual borrowing with no intention of ever paying anything off. They are restricting the printing and coining money under the pretense of social distancing.

The Democrats are absolutely desperate to get rid of Trump for they believe they must take control of the entire government and impose their draconian agenda to seize assets, raise taxes to absurd levels, and oppress the people to prevent an uprising. These goals will unleash violence — not a panacea of unlimited power.