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Michelle Obama for 2024?

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Obama’s office shared a statement with NBC News and made it clear that the former first lady has no interest in running for the executive office. However, that is not addressing the real rumor that at the convention in August, the Democrats can draft her and during the entire primary campaign, she never has to address issues with Trump. Biden is not competent to have a debate with Trump so there will be none – this first time that has ever happened in my lifetime.

They have only two options. Flood the nation with illegal aliens and hand them ballots to mail-in that they cannot even read, as they have been caught in NYC already, and Biden stumbles into the White House. Otherwise, if it is so bad, they must draft Michelle Obama.

If Trump wins, the strategy being discussed is that the Democrats will stage their own January 6th and refuse to certify Trump. Anyway we look at this: the computer has been amazingly correct in its long-range forecasts.