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MF Global Customers get paid If Corzine & JP Morgan Walk

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If anyone ever wondered why you just cannot do business in New York, is is the proof. They illegally trade with client funds, lose a ton of money at J.P. Morgan, outside of New York, if someone steals your money and bet it on red at the roulette table in Vegas, as a matter of LAW the casino MUST return the stolen funds since they never had title to them. In New York, the laws simply do not apply if you are a bank.

Here is the settlement for M.F. Global Customers. To get their own money back at a discount no less, they must agree to let Corzine off the hook and J.P. Morgan and this is approved by a Federal Judge who is suppose to be impartial.

Corzine Settlement

Well in New York, they just go by their own laws knowing the ONLY way to enforce anything against them you have to go to the Supreme Court, which unconstitutionally decided they are too burdened to hear every case, so they get to pick and choose. Constitutionally, the Supreme Court is the ONLY authorized court. The US Constitution states in Article III, Section 1:

“The judicial power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.”

That means Congress is under NO obligation to create inferior courts. The Supreme Court cannot be closed down by Congress whereas everything else could be shut for it is not required. That means, we have NO tripartite government as long as the Supreme Court claims discretion to listen to a constitutional challenge. There is no way to ever have your rights protected because if they do not want to listen to you, there is no hope. Thus, the Federal judges do not have to obey any law whatsoever and M.F. Global proves this point loud and clear. What they have done is the same thing as Cyprus. The favorite sons of New York can do as they like KNOWING they will NEVER be prosecuted EVER! So what is the slogan they teach kids – Liberty & Justice for ALL. It’s just propaganda. There is ABSOLUTELY no way to enforce any right without an ABSOLUTE right to be heard before the Supreme Court.

Due Process of law comes from the Bible book of Genesis.  Cain had killed Abel. When God asked Cain where his brother was, Cain replied that he did not know, asking if he was his brother’s keeper. God asked Cain what he had done, as his brother’s blood cried out to God from the ground. This is the origin of Due Process of Law.

(1) God summoned Cain

(2) God gave Cain the right to be heard 

(3) God sentenced Cain NOT to death, but banishment.

Everything the US government has been doing violates everything from the Founding Fathers to the simple right to Due Process of Law as Lindsey Graham convinced Congress they have the right to lock you up with no trial, no lawyer, and no right to a summons or a right to be heard in a court of law. Even God summoned Cain and gave him a right to be heard even when he knew what he had done. Lindsey Graham clearly must even be a atheist for he has rejected everything that made the USA the land of liberty.