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Metals Manupilation

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Question: Is there really a banking cartel that artificially
suppresses gold/silver prices in order to convince the world to continue
subjecting itself to a fraudulent fiat currency monetary system that is led by
the US dollar?

Answer: NO WAY!!!!!  Do banks manipulate markets including gold & silver? The answer is ABSOLUTELY! However, they do so only short-term in and out with fake analysts who only say buy when the banks sell it to investors at every top. They by no means manipulate gold and silver to support fiat currency. They are not public servants. They care only about short-term trades. That is part of the bullshit put out to cover-up being wrong when they only say buy. Why do these people always say buy at every top and to explain the decline they then blame the banks? Isn’t you job to say look out the banks are selling this high?

For more than a decade I was monitoring very closely all market manipulations. They do not limit manipulation to gold and silver. Look at LIBOR and then Solomon Brothers got caught manipulating the US Treasury Auctions. Come one. There is far more money to be made playing with real markets than fooling around with gold and silver. They are professional manipulators and move from one market to the next. They do not just play with gold. They have manipulated rhodium, platinum, copper, grains, sugar, stocks, interest rates, mortgages, ANYTHING they can make a buck on fast. They care about bonuses and quarterly profits. They are not into manipulating anything long-term. Just look around you. The vast majority of people will laugh at you talking fiat nonsense. Money is money and their slogan is really “show me the money.” They manipulate Congress and have planted people in governments around the globe. Money is mostly electronic anyhow. Sorry – it will never go back to tangible. That is old school and unless to somehow eliminate politicians, there is too much power at stake. Besides, the cockroaches will die before politicians.

Try and pay your bill at the electric company in gold. Try paying for a cab in silver coin more than its face value. Banks do not have to suppress anything to support a fiat currency system. That is absurd. They will still take deposits regardless what system is in place.

I routinely reported – “They are back.” They use pretend analysts in the metals to tell the metal believers this is it, gold will soar you better jump in, then when it drops, they blame manipulation. The banks trade technically – never fundamentally. They use the fundamentals like used car salesmen to get people to buy positions that they sell.

If the banks suppress gold and silver, then why buy a market that can NEVER rise? What buy every high when they are sellers? Sorry, I just do not get how this is supposed to work telling people to only buy and then turning around and say they suppress everything. It seems to be a conflict to me.