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Measles & 51.6 Year Cycle?

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Martin, thank you for the work. Your discovery of the pi cycle is just amazing. I am a mom and you probably heard about the latest measles outbreak from Disneyland and now the scare to force vaccinate everyone. It turns out, I just read that the measles vaccine program started about 52 years ago. There was a researcher by the name of Dr. Heffernan, who by his mathematical calulations predicted that 52 years after the measles vaccine started, society would start to see the vaccine become ineffective and breakouts would occur. 52 years after the measles vaccine program started is 2015. 52 years is exactly your six waves of 8.6 years. You can see the article mentioning the measles vaccine pi cycle here.

I am not even sure that he knew he had calculated a pi cycle. Amazing nonetheless. I think it just gives more credence to your work.




REPLY: This is precisely what I mean. What I discovered is astonishing. It shows up everywhere in everything from planets and weather to disease and the rise and fall of nations. My hope is to open the eyes and just explore for this is the key to knowledge. This is understanding the unifying structure upon which the entire universe was constructed – cycles. This is how energy moves in all planes of existence.