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We look like we are still here – or at least I am and back in the USA. In the Maya report I provided the the real story. To the Maya, this was a BEGINNING, not an end. There is a high correlation to political changes with the Maya Baktuns – 394.26 years. This may in fact be pointing to the Sovereign Debt Crisis and indeed we will see countries embarrassed and fall into dust. The charts of the Maya cycle seem to correlate to the major changes we see coming next year for 2013.

So you still have to file your taxes. You will still have white knuckles especially come next summer. The Maya cycle is the beginning of a new era. That is trial by fire and we certainly seem to be headed into the eye of the storm for 2013. So the black hole didn’t get us. The poles did not flip, but are moving 40 miles a year. And the debts keep going.