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Massive Anti-Government Demonstrations

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Argentina seized all pensions. The people are getting to the point that all this socialism is really fascism. Those who keep pointing to hyperinflation better start looking in the opposite direction. Economics is like weather – you can die from too much heat or too much cold – both extremes will kill you. Hyperinflation is the nice way where politicians really try to meet their obligations because they care. Then there is the nasty way. The cling to authority, seize everything, lie, abandon every promise, and default pretending it is your own fault never their’s. This is a battle between the bondholders and the taxpayers every place you look. This is the Sovereign Debt Crisis in bloom around the globe.

There is a way out. We will be making available soon the video from the Sovereign Debt Crisis and will put on Amazon. We will let you know when it is up for sale. It may be a couple of months yet. The Swiss office is doing that one. There is only one way to save this. We have to be rational, practical, and steer a course between the two extremes just as Julius Caesar did. If we do not go in this direction, this will not go well.