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Manipulations v Systemic Manipulation

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COMMENT: Marty, I see now what you are talking about. These gold promoters always pitch inflation and then claim when they are wrong the market is rigged with perpetual manipulation. You are correct. How can you preach put everything into metals and then say the metals cannot rise because of manipulation? This really seems to be an argument that is criminal and may be part of the very manipulations.

Thanks for all your help. It is clear you have more experience than any of these people if not all put together. The bankers tried to shut you down and yet you keep up the good fight. The media will not acknowledge you and that too seems to be only because you reveal the truth and then the movie seems to be blocked. They would not do all of this unless you spoke the truth.

Keep your chin up. You will prevail against them all.


REPLY: Thanks. The movie will eventually be seen on the internet and they will not stop the DVDs. Of course, that will probably be in 2016. They have contracts for also worldwide TV runs except the USA of course. It is stupid. The movie is being shown everywhere but the USA where American distributors lack the guts it seems. Many distributors outside the USA all flew in to the various showings in Europe. It does seem to be some strange sort of “self-censorship” in the USA for companies are just afraid of government and the bankers.

Anyone with REAL trading experience in size knows that the banks as market-makers have ALWAYS traded against the client. This is TRANSACTIONAL banking rather than RELATIONSHIP. It does not matter what the market may be from currency and interest rates to metals and commodities. They will front-run and deliberately try to run stops on either side. This is the typical manipulation that impacts every market in which they deal. However, trying to transform that into SYSTEMIC MANIPULATION, which implies the suppression of a market perpetually, is gross exaggeration that honestly is very suspect.

One way to discredit a truth is to exaggerate it. For example, to hide secret military experiments using magnetic engines one need only turn that into aliens and then take it all the way to alien abductions. You have changed the subject and discouraged any viable investigation that would have uncovered secret technology.

This is the very same problem with manipulations. Of course the banks trade and they trade AGAINST clients for their model is TRANSACTIONAL and that incorporates quarterly-performance and annual bonus time. There is ZERO incentive to perpetually and systemically suppress a market for there would be no profit taking and that defeats the entire bonus structure.

So do not get carried away and keep the manipulation accusations accurate. The banks front-run, clip, and rig the game on a TRANSACTIONAL basis. They do not perpetually maintain positions to suppress some market with no profit taking for years on end. There is a HUGE difference and the former can be proven in court whereas the latter will never be proven and they walk away.


So yes – I distrust ANYONE who claims there is systemic manipulation for that is a get out of jail free card for the banks and I would suspect that anyone spreading that extreme nonsense may be paid under the table to protect the banks. It just smells funny. Why go that far when if there would EVER be a REAL investigation, you are guaranteeing it will fail. This supports the banks maintaining TRANSACTIONAL banking, which they used to repeal Glass-Steagall.