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Why people refuse to listen is simply amazing. The hate mail stating that gold is being manipulated implying it would be rising in a bull market is just absurd. There can be NO MANIPULATION that reverses a trend no matter what the market is. If there were enough buyers of gold or whatever, nobody can stand in the way of such a market. The Hunts were successful as long as the cycle was bullish. When the cycle turned down, all the buying power in the world would not have prevented a 19 years bear market. The same is true in Japan. The Japanese government swore they would defend the market. They bankrupted the largest fund in the world – the Japanese Postal Saving Fund with over $1 trillion in 1989.

They can create brief rallies against the general trend as was the case with the Buffett buying of silver, yet when it was over, silver fell back to NEW LOWS. There is not a single example of ANY so-called MANIPULATION that has EVER reversed the trend. Prolonged attempted manipulations like that of Japan extend the cycle from what should have been 2-3 years decline into 23 years.

Yes, banks manipulate everything. But that is NOT a permanent manipulation against trend. That is impossible and all the bullshit in Christendom will not produce a single example of any such manipulation whatsoever. If that was even possible, then we would still be living under Babylonian Kings. Empire, Nations, and City States have always collapsed and they too have done everything in their power to sustain their existence.

Why fight the trend? This thought is just as bad as when they have solicited me to join their “Club” to manipulate markets. When I told them Russia would collapse and they showed me that they even had the IMF in their pocket, it did not matter. Russia collapsed and that became the Long-Term Capital Management crisis and the first Fed bailout.

So I have gotten this nonsense from both sides. YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!!!!!!! I do not care who you are – it is not possible. This is why I got blamed for “Manipulating the World Economy” because when they lost, the same bullshit surfaced. It was not because I was right – it was because I was the largest adviser in the world and had more people listening to me than all the bribes they could pay.

Get over it. Stop the nonsense. Gold has declined BECAUSE it is in a bear market. It will reverse when the timing is also right for a bull market. Learn how markets function or donate to the black hole of investment. It is ultimately your choice.