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Manipulation and the World is Flat

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There are always going to be people who reject our models. Some professor coming out claiming there are no cycles is typical. Light to him is also a straight line because he cannot see the wave nor does sound travel in waves for he does not hear the oscillations.That is the way it is with anything different. They will just dismiss it or criticize timing analysis and the business cycle because they do not WANT to change. These sort of people believe that the government has a role and can manipulate society be it by lies and deceit or outright laws and punitive action – the big stick.

It is like those that insist gold would be $30,000 but for systemic manipulation to keep it down. The very assumption that something can be systemically manipulated implies everything can be and that is precisely what Karl Marx argued and Communism sought to create. Every economist ever since has assumed Marx was correct and government functions with that goal in mind.

Our models demonstrate that the future is predictable and that everything is absolutely connected. Gold can no more be $30,000 and a singleton within the whole world than a politician and change the economy in the middle of a global depression. We are all connected and there are things bigger than any individual, market, or economy. If gold has not rallied as is the case with other commodities, it is because it is just not time.

Yes, the banksters have tried to manipulate everything to create the perfect trade. Hell, that is what the movie is all about. But they have FAILED each and every single time running to government to be bailed out. They have NEVER succeeded even once. Sure they front-run and they scalp profits from manipulating a market with the trend.  No matter what they have touched, and it has been a lot, they cannot manipulate anything against the trend. That is the simple bottom line FACT for if it were true, then Rome would never have fallen and BIG BANG could not possibly happen for they would never go into a sovereign debt default when they can manipulate everything. Come on. Let’s stop the excuses.

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