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Live Trading Conference?

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QUESTION: Marty; I attended one of your live trading conferences in the 1980s. It wasn’t cheap back then. If I remember it was $25,000 a seat. The bank paid for my seat and I still tell how we made 5 times that in a single day at a pub in the City.  Will you ever do that again?



ANSWER: Well adjusted for inflation, that would be $55,748.33 a seat today. Yes, I remember those sessions well. They were fun in my younger days. One of the banks even paid me to teach one of their clients and paid all expenses to fly me to Gstaad

I have requests to do this in Shanghai. It’s a lot of work. They are very expensive to even put on. They want exchange fees per person to do a live session. We only do first class sessions with good food and cocktail parties. A cocktail party runs nearly $100,000. They are like weddings.

Plus, I’m not really sure I am up to it. That was almost 30 years ago. We are looking through some of the tapes of old conferences to see if we can put together a course. The video quality is not so great compared to today. Plus, I had more hair and was thinner back then.