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Lagarde’s IMF should be Outlawed – the Real Terrorist Organization

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Lagarde - Obama

How does a lawyer get in charge of an economic institution? Easy – another lawyer appoints her. Lagarde, Obama’s crony, should be stripped of her position and the IMF should be shut down. Lagarde’s IMF is now demanding that Ukraine must hold on to the Eastern provinces of Ukraine or this insane woman has dictated that she will “change” the terms o the already approved credits worth of $17 billion dollars. She also demands that Kiev should really implement her reforms as promised.

This woman is totally insane and an absolute outrage to economics. Impose those same economic restraints on France – stop the budget deficits for France is following in the footsteps of Greece and is just one heart beat behind. She will never speak against France. All she cares about is extracting money from Ukraine to cover-the-ass of her bankers. When it is France’s turn in a few years, let’s see what she does then.

Two Ukrainian helicopters were shot down by “separatists” or more correctly, Russian “tourists”. The hunt for pro-Ukrainians in the East is no different from Hitler’s hunt for Jews. Another foreign journalist was kidnapped in Luhansk. Pro-Ukrainian attempts to show their support for their country in the East are being attacked and murdered everywhere. In Odessa, attempts to have a peaceful protest were attacked.

Eastern Ukraine belongs to Russia. We should simply acknowledge that and offer aid to those who wish to leave before they cannot. The CIA conspiracy has worked well. Nobody will defend these people because they assume they will be supporting the CIA. Meanwhile, the US has usurped the democratic process and the people are denied the right to honest free elections for nobody but professional politicians are allowed near government. This is the real downside of the NSA – just allege a CIA plot and you disarm the people. Absolutely brilliant!