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Kerry – First Casualty of War

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Kerry John

Secretary of State John Kerry was winging it when a journalist asked was there anything that could be done to prevent the attack. He replied that Assad could turn over all his weapons. Russia and others jumped on that. Kerry had followed that statement saying of course Assad would never do that. In truth, that offer was never made. But Kerry had to “appear” reasonable and threw out that statement off-the-cuff.

Obama would have lost the attempt to get it through Congress. Plus, he had no intention of this being a minimal strike. To listen to Senator Mendez spout out the party line that the attack is necessary or else Iran will not take the US seriously is absolutely a joke. He is not stating the truth about what has been taking place in Iran. President Hassan Rouhani won the election in Iran with a landslide. He is trying to change the policy in Iran back toward more pro-West. An attack on Syria will give the hardliners in Iran the edge and that will be destabilizing to the region reversing the public will in Iran. So Mendez is ignoring the facts when Rouhani is coming to the UN to address it personally.

Kerry’s veracity has been called into question. An attack on Syria will be counter-productive. The failure of this entire Syrian affair will be laid at Kerry’s feet.