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Just for the Record – Obamacare

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I received my letter today notifying me that Horizon Blue Cross of New Jersey is cancelling my healthcare as of September for it does not comply with Obamacare. I suppose I do not have maternity leave. Not sure if I am supposed to run out to the local bar and announce hurry-up the first to get pregnant wins to keep my health care or exactly what was intended with this mess. Whatever some pea-brain dreamed up that I had to have stuff I did not need is up there with the Terrorist Insurance I was told we had to have by the City of Philadelphia to hold a conference. If there was such a terrorist attack that wiped out the Convention Center, I am sure the insurance company would file for bankruptcy anyway.

The only insurance that ever paid what they were supposed to was my health insurance. My mother’s house had the pipes break due to the cold winter we were not suppose have due to Global Warming and the insurance company denied the claim since she was staying at my sisters. My car insurance cheated me on car insurance when a tree hit the car in a storm and the place it was being repaired at then burned down with the car in it. They said it was two claims and because I paid cash, they paid half of what I just paid for the car for it was brand new and only  2 weeks old. No bank – why pay was their motto.

Insurance companies have never complied ever with what they take premiums for. The one that did pay, the government has now wiped out. Thank you Obama.

Moral – government is incapable of ever doing anything right no matter what the program.