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Just Astonishing

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Euro-Symbol - 5

I guess politicians today are not familiar with Euclid. It is just beyond belief but did you know that if x = y and y = z then guess what? It is just astonishing, but OMG x = z: Go figure! That is just totally amazing. It doesn’t take a pocket calculator or a whole new agency to prove that.

Yes, a single currency requires single debt or you can isolate any country and still trade its debt as a derivative of the old currency you thought you eliminated. We are not at Nobel prize winning stuff here. It seems people understand this who are outside of government including priests. Is there some sort of handicap requirement?

Get Troops out of Cyprus

If you want to save Europe, you have to now do structural reform. We are getting closer to the point of no return. You are going to create civil war North against the South. This is society at stake – we are far beyond personal elections. It is now time for a STATESMAN to step up to the plate. Enough is Enough!