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Just Amazing – Witch-Doctors of Finance

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COMMENT: Marty, I have got to say following you on the Dow has been an amazing live demonstration of what you have achieved. You call the July high, then said the market would rally into the ECM in September and then warned of a crash. The market turned down the week after the ECM peaked and then you live said you were covering all shorts the day of the low and here is the number to go short again in that is elected in a clam dispassionate manner. You choreographed the rally there after in an amazing manner. You provide the pressure points and it is clear why some say you manipulated the world. You just figured out how it moves and they cannot imagine that the world may not be just a random walk. Just had to say this has been truly amazing to watch.


REPLY: Thank you. You are catching a glimpse of what I am trying to demonstrate to the world with the silly hope that just once perhaps we can learn to live with the cycles than fight against them like Joseph and the Pharaoh. This is not my personal opinion. There is no random walk – it has simply been too complicated for most people to bother to try to figure this out. At times, I feel I am alone yelling the world is not flat you morons! Perhaps one day, they will see you cannot do this type of forecasting based upon personal opinion. But TV shows want people with opinion – not expertise. So you have a bunch of people saying why they are right based upon one fundamental or another. Good luck with consistently trying to forecast the future like that. This is simply being a witch-doctor of finance to me. (Yes I drew that illustration of the ship years ago).