Jumping to Conclusions

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QUESTION: Good morning Marty,

For the Solutions Conference I have to ask… if for lack of money we are to dismantle the Government’s social programs, then where is the empathy for those who in troubled times need assistance?

Adam Smith in his book The Theory of Moral Sentiment, which some say Mr. Smith considered his more important work, attempts to balance the self interests of “Wealth” with personal sympathy for a fellow citizen’s plight.

There are valid reasons that social programs were instituted, no matter how screwed up they became once in the incapable hands of government.  So who takes their place?  Business has shown it’s self interests are profits and that quite often comes at the expense of the middle class worker and the citizenry as a whole.

Relying on the 1%’ers has never really panned out either.   The draconian characters from a Dicken’s book who believed in debtor prisons to get the riff-raff off the streets seems to be more the rule than the exception.

So are we to disavow people in times of need, or do we as a society figure out a way to meaningful help?

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-M”Life is what happens to you
While you’re busy making other plans”- John Lennon

Restoration of the Constitution Act

ANSWER: For any Solution to work, there cannot be a proposal that benefits only one side nor can there be some lofty idea that will never make it past the first step into the Congress. This is not some conservative right wing idea that benefits the bankers and the 1%. If this does not benefit everyone, then it will not fly. We also have to realize that trying to sell an idea that is a death sentence for politicians will never get their consent. So how are you going to get such ideas even discussed?

So don’t jump to conclusions. This is something to start the debates and END class warfare which is all about Marxist philosophy. This is all about thinking out the box. A fundamental principle that is just not even considered because the majority assume this is the way we operate is what needs to be challenged. So read before you assume and add to the debate. Trying to criticize something you have not even read is condemning us to the total collapse of the entire system for it will not survive another downturn as is.