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Judge Rakoff Blasts the Injustice of America

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The legal system in the United States has collapsed into a horrible pretense of justice. On top of that, every law that is passed they include the standard language of fine and imprisonment. This turned into a huge fight with Obamacare. In the first draft buried within the 33,000 pages was the standard clause that they could throw you in prison for not having health insurance even if you could not afford it. Well it certainly would have gotten all the homeless off the streets for they would be in prison getting free healthcare then – all be a sad excuse for a real doctor. The Republicans fought tooth-and-nail to get that removed.

judge-rakoffI have written about the lone crusader in the Southern District of New York that the government does everything in their power steer their cases away from Judge Rakoff. Why? He has not been playing their game. He first came to everyone’s attention when he rejected the settlement between the SEC and Citigroup. He slammed it hard as a joke.

Now he has written Why Innocent People Plead Guilty – a sharp rebuke of just how bad the American legal system has become. Conrad Black, the Canadian media mogul who was also imprisoned wrongly by the US justice system, has added to what Judge Rakoff has written – A Plea against Pleading 
Prosecutors abuse the system to win unjust convictions. Then there is the case of JOSEPH SALVATI where the jury awarded $102 million because the prosecutors KNEW they were convicting the wrong person. Anyone working for the government who does this sort of thing should be imprisoned themselves. After all, they violate the civil right of an individual and remain immune from criminal prosecution.

The Forecaster-c

 I agreed to allow a documentary film the FORECASTER to be made following me around since 2011 that is more of a movie when you see it for two reasons. To expose the legal system to the world and to expose the truth behind the shenanigans behind the curtain the rigging of the financial markets. I was not interested in a poor me film since I have moved on. I do not need the sympathy thank you. It has contributed to the expansion of my knowledge.

Yet I respect that if government could do this to me, who was very high-profile internationally, they could do it to anyone. They plastered pictures of me with Margaret Thatcher in the press as a warning to other US politicians to stay back. Whatever these people do, they do for a self-interest of power to sustain their 99% conviction rate. You have indeed a better chance at winning the lottery than a getting any kind of fair trial.

I was fortunate to be able to handle myself with respect to the rule of law. Others have not faired so well. The SEC in a civil case took all the lawyers away from Steven Fisher and drove him to commit suicide. How many more people are in prison but nobody has heard of their plight? Hopefully, I can contribute to reforming the legal system and the banking system. If this film causes enough outrage, just maybe we can change the course of where this nation is headed, which seems far too often to be over the cliff.