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JP Morgan Chase the Riskiest Bank in USA?

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Reuters is reporting that JPMorgan Chase & Co bears the highest potential hazard to the financial system among all US banks. JP Morgan Chase has the highest numerical risk ranking of U.S. banks.  in a new US Treasury study. However, they are trying to downplay this by saying this is only the opinion of the internal authors rather than an “official” view by the Treasury.

I have explained in detail that the banking system revised how they operate and moved from a relationship focus to a transaction based system. In the process, clients became targets not relationships whose best interests were at stake. This was a fundamental change that has leveraged the world tremendously and regulators along with politicians simply obey whatever the banks have demanded.

The repeal of Dodd-Frank was a classic example just in time for 2015.75. When this economic downturn unfolds, i do not think we can hide under the bed until it blows over. This is what is needed. I have warned that 2016 may see a huge spike in 3rd Party.  A lot of people cannot stomach a 3rd Bush. The Democrats are just out of their mind and the Republicans are too busy with the country club patting themselves on the back. We will have 1 year until the Presidential elections. The harder this falls, the greater the rise in 3rd party activity. This is when we will start to see the decline in confidence in government.