John Bolton v Lindsey Graham

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There is absolutely less evidence to support an attack upon Syria than there was for Iraq. At least Iraq invaded another country. The former US Ambassador John Bolton came out and stated if he was a member of Congress he would vote NO. Meanwhile, the alleged closet homosexual who rumors on the Hill state he flies monthly for sex-junkets to Paris, Lindsey Graham, argues we should go in because we may signal to Iran we have no balls.


Lindsey himself doesn’t have to the balls to come out of the closet fearing he will get thrown out yet this is the guy who saw no problem voting to deny lawyers and trials to American citizens if the government assumes anything about you. He said on the floor, if you ask for a lawyer, they will say “shut up”. A nasty individual not worth even being called an American since he has betrayed innocent until proven guilty and Due Process based upon the Bible where God gave Cain the opportunity to be heard even though he already knew he had killed his brother. To Graham, there is nothing among our principles in America that is worth saving. What he has done to the American people is far worse than gas attacks on 1400 people. He violated the rights of ALL Americans and changed our very way of life. The people he advocates to risk their lives for the Constitution do not realize Lindsey denies the very principles people think they are defending. And John McCain, another loyal warmonger, will invade anyone who disagrees with him. Perhaps he was held as a prisoner of war too long and just want to get even with the world.


Donald Rumsfeld doesn’t support a military intervention in Syria. This is the guy who they say was at the heart of 911. Something is just not right. There are far too many people against this strike unlike that with Iraq.

There is only one issue here. These people need a diversion. We have the Debt Ceiling issue and Boehner cannot deliver the Republican Party to cut his back-room deals as usual. The best thing – kill thousands of people so he can force the conservatives to support the war and allow the debt ceiling to expand. Then there is the Fed. With a war, they will have to keep interest rates low and screw the pension funds as QE continues forever.

These people never think about the risks of the future. It is always what do I need to avoid this here and now. I will worry about the fallout later. Interest rates will have to rise sharply because these people have no desire to reform or fix the economy. Their solution – raise more taxes. Even John McCain voted to tax the internet sales of everything. Great Republican by the way. Lower taxes for friends only who pay for their campaigns.