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Jefferson – Marxism is Unconstitutional

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The corruption in Washington is reflected in hotel bills all there trying to get some exception typically from taxation. The very same chain with the very same class of guest room, is $199 in Philadelphia, $349 in NYC, and $369 in Washington. Washington is full of lobbyists and that is reflected in hotel rooms using the same chain. We have abandoned the Founding Fathers and followed Karl Marx. It is interesting that Jefferson commented on this very idea of taking from the productive class and handing it to the non-productive class and how that would violate the first principle of civilization.. The Judiciary, lacking its independence on the side of the people, twisted words until it justified Marxism at the expense of the real thinkers of the Age of Enlightenment. Had they NOT been former government employees, we just might still have a nation that was tempered, controlled, and restrained with LIBERTY in mind. Franklin argued against allowing politicians to select judges.

Jefferson - on Marxism