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Japan Tax Revolt & War?

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For the Japanese to ever protest it is highly unusual. Nonetheless, there is rising tension in Japan as reflected by about 200 housewives that marched down a shopping street in central Tokyo. They were protesting taxes beating pans and shouting slogans criticizing a government plan to double Japan’s 5 percent consumption tax. This tax hike in Japan is going to tip the scales. The people lost a lot of trust in government with the nuclear disaster and how they hid information from the public. This is all manifesting

Japan on Tuesday lodged a protest against China, claiming Chinese military frigates locked their fire-control radar on to a Japanese navy vessel as well as a helicopter.  The Japanese defense military reportedly said that the Japanese vessel sounded a combat alert after being locked on to and the situation reached quite a dangerous point. It prompted Japanese media to criticize China’s “offensive” and “provocative” act on the high seas.

Everything on our computer models shows a turn for Japan was due 23 years from the December 1989 high which was December 2012. So far, Japan is doing just about everything it can do wrong indicating a reversal of fortune is indeed likely. We will deal with this in a special report to be released shortly.