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It’s More than just a Debt Bubble – It’s a Social Bubble

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UBCBT-Y 10-19-2014


Our computer is monitoring everything everywhere and it correlates the world. Everything is tested against everything from adzuki beans in Tokyo and palm oil to wheat, gold, DAX, FTSE and the Dow. We also include nature, weather, earthquakes, politics, and social trends. You would be amazed but as an economy expands, the family size and birth rates decline, divorce rises with affluence, and this is in itself a sign of a pending collapse.


Just look at marriage and what a disaster we have made of that since 1900 the same as Rome. Yes, the first Roman Emperor Augustus (27BC-14AD) introduced family laws outlawing bachelors, restricting divorce, banish Ovid for his writings and banished his own daughter for promiscuity. There were laws introduced forbidding the payment of a prostitute with a coin that had the image of the emperor which they all did. Hence, the birth of sex tokens. The client bought the token, paid the prostitute, and she then redeemed the token all making it nice and legal.


During the 19th century, the age difference dropped to 25% whereas typically the male was 2x the age of his wife for he had to FIRST establish himself to afford a family when there was no government programs during the 18th century. The age difference declined with the rise in economic power and government  Hollywood and socialism caused that differential to drop dramatically to virtually the same age. But men mature slower than women and the divorce rate rose in direct proportion to the age differential decline. London has become the divorce capital of the world.

Today, 70% of those dating believe in love at first sight with expectations of happily ever after and run to the lawyers with the first argument. This is part of the bubble that is unfolding. We are reversing social trends with the collapse in debt markets. What use to be secure becomes insecure. A lot is changing gradually before our eyes. Socialism has wiped out the traditional family structure along with pensions and fiscal irresponsibility. Those with daughters, you better start realizing that her future should be secure. That is what the Dowry was all about – a pension for the woman, She married a stable older man who provided the security. This is what is starting to return and studies are starting to emerge showing a man’s life expectancy increases with a younger wife for she keeps him more active. Looks like the old trends are returning. Strangely, women with younger men die faster. Perhaps the stress of having to wear the pants or they cannot keep up with the younger man. Thomas Jefferson was 18 when he married his wife who was 23. They were married for 11 years during which she gave birth to 6 children, all but two died and only one lived past 25. She died and Jefferson had relations then with his slave fathering several children.