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Italian Police Defuse Bomb Placed in Front of German Bank

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Pacco sospetto davanti Deutsche Bank, conteneva esplosivo

The Italian police on Monday defused a bomb found outside a branch of Deutsche Bank, a German commercial bank, in Naples. The device, containing about a kilogram of explosives, had been primed to explode but failed to detonate, the ANSA news agency said, quoting police sources. A water cannon was used in the operation to make the device safe, ANSA said. It had been placed in Via Mascagni, a street in the central district of Vomero.

The very idea of the EU was supposed to end European Wars. However, this dictatorial power from Brussels is having the exact opposite impact. The crisis is there are now way TOO MANY people working for the EU government and this means we have a self-interest problem. They will NEVER admit an error and will defend their own position at the expense of peace in Europe.

Naples Protest 10-3-2014

Just last month when the ECB met in Naples there was a violent protest. This idea of a single government will reduce war is nuts. It will create civil war. You cannot run a country with a one-size-fits-all approach. This will only breed hatred along the lines of former disputes. We are dealing here with stupid world leaders imposing their ideas that the basic psychology disputes. This goes against human nature. It is un-Democratic and purely delusional. They have destroyed everything that has been created since World War II.