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It took the British Press to Defend the US Constitution

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Edward Snowden is a courageous young man who the Gaurdian revealed was their source. The NSA and Eric Holder, if true to form, will seek life imprisonment as they did against WikiLeaks. Anyone who stands up to these insane people that have trashed the constitution deserves the protection of the people and the international press (assuming the US press will lay down as usual).

My own attempts to stand up against the NY Bankers and their pervasive corruption that is destroying the world economy and has now led to massive tax increases and the hunting down of citizens for money like dogs, was met with bullets placed in my mailbox, and threats against my family. They even froze my mother’s bank accounts and social security without court orders. My lawyer Martin Unger had to threaten to hold a press conference because they almost killed my mother cutting off her access to all medicine.

Judge Richard Owen joked about how Steven Schiffer didn’t take it upstairs (appeal) when he took all his lawyers away in an SEC case for inside trading that the UNTOUCHABLE bankers do all the time. Because after stripping Schiffer of counsel and harassing the hell out of the guy, he committed suicide in a civil case. Then to joke about how they caused someone else to commit suicide was the ultimate revelation of the character of these type of people who have seized control of our government.

These people are the farthest thing from what being an “American” was supposed to be – truth, honor, and justice for all. That is nothing but propaganda now. These people have used those 19 guys and a camel to completely destroy what so many soldiers died and fought for to protect – the constitution. They have disgraced all those who died for our freedom that no longer exists.

The NSA has been seizing phone calls of anyone doing business with the United States. They have no respect whatsoever for anything but themselves. The paranoid conspiracy theorists are them viewing us. They see a conspiracy in everything. When I go to Washington, there are guys with M16s on street corners. I never saw that in all my travels except Egypt and behind the Berlin Wall before it fell. 

These people have forgotten what we have asked so many children to do – lay down their lives to protect the American Liberty and Freedom. These people do not share the same values and ANY politicians who dares to defend this insanity should be tarred and feathered and driven from office for they have betrayed their oath of office. California – how dare you send Diane Feinstein to Washington to defend NSA. She is a INTERNATIONAL disgrace to your state!